Lucie Duclos Design | About Me
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Hello, I’m Lucie and I am a graphic designer, mixed media artist and teacher living in Victoria, British Columbia.  I work with a lot of different mediums and techniques from pen and ink to watercolor, printmaking, encaustics, collage, acrylics and bookmaking. My work experience is in publishing, packaging and pattern design and I have done work for Harry & David, Smith & Hawken, Levis Jeans, Danone and Salesforce among others. But that was my old life because now I am only interested in making art and experimenting and sharing new techniques.

I  have a popular series of mixed media online classes available on Skillshare (you can get free access for one month with this link)

I am also part of the year-long Fodder School program this year that starts in October 2022. My class will run in February 2023 but you can join anytime!

Follow me on instagram to see more of my work and inspiration!





Victoria, BC V8S 3H7